the bone that is situated in the orbit on either side of the presphenoid; it generally forms a part of the sphenoid in the adult, and may be independent in the young [ ]

Synonyms: ingrassia's process ala minor (os sphenoidale) lesser wing of sphenoid orbitosphenoid bone lesser wing of sphenoidal bone ala minor ossis sphenoidalis orbito-sphénocïde@fr conchosphénocïde@fr

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pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

latin term
ala minor ossis sphenoidalis [ FMA:TA FMA:52869 ]

plural term
orbitosphenoids [ ZFA:0000253 ]

axiom lost from external ontology

relationship loss: overlaps pterosphenoid-orbitosphenoid joint (TAO:0001831)[TAO]

relationship loss: overlaps orbitosphenoid-prootic joint (TAO:0001794)[TAO]

relationship loss: develops_from taenia marginalis anterior (TAO:0001505)[TAO]

relationship loss: overlaps orbitosphenoid-lateral ethmoid joint (TAO:0001941)[TAO]

relationship type change: overlaps neurocranium (TAO:0001580) CHANGED TO: develops_from neurocranium (UBERON:0001703)[TAO]

relationship loss: part_of braincase and otic capsule skeleton (AAO:0000052)[AAO]

relationship type change: overlaps neurocranium (TAO:0001580) CHANGED TO: part_of neurocranium (UBERON:0001703)[TAO]

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external definition

Large median unpaired cartilage bone consisting of two diverging plates. Positioned medial to the eye. The orbitosphenoid develops from the Trabeculae communis and forms the anterior and anterolateral boundary of the orbital foramen and constitutes a significant part of the sidewalls and floor of the cranial cavity. Bordered by the lateral ethmoid anteriorly, and the pterosphenoid posteriorly, The orbitosphenoid may extend ventrally to meet the parasphenoid. In the adult, the orbitosphenoid is fused ventrally to the parasphenoid via a thin sheet of bone.[TAO]

Endochondral ossification of the lateral sides of the braincase.[AAO]

has related synonym

lesser wing of sphenoid bone

alae parvae