The more medial segment of the globus pallidus. [ ]

Synonyms: globus pallidus internus entopeduncular nucleus (monakow) globus pallidus, medial segment globus pallidus medial segment pallidus I medial segment of globus pallidus mesial pallidum internal part of globus pallidus medial part of globus pallidus globus pallidus medialis medial pallidal segment globus pallidus interna internal globus pallidus internal pallidum pars medialis globi pallidi globus pallidus internal segment

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latin term
pars medialis globi pallidi [ FMA:61840 FMA:TA ]

latin term
nucleus medialis globi pallidi [ NeuroNames:233 ]

latin term
globus pallidus, pars interna [ NeuroNames:233 ]

latin term
globus pallidus pars medialis [ NeuroNames:233 ]

latin term
globus pallidus medialis

latin term
globus pallidus internus

latin term
globus pallidus interna


See also: endopeduncular nucleus

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external definition

The medial globus pallidus (or internal, GPi) is one of the output nuclei of the basal ganglia. The GABA-containing neurons send their axons to specific nuclei of the dorsal thalamus (VA and VL), to the centromedian complex and to the pedunculopontine complex. The efferent bundle is constituted first of the ansa and fasciculus lenticularis, then crosses the internal capsule as the Edinger's comb system then arrives at the laterosuperior corner of the subthalamic nucleus and constitutes the Forel's field H2, then H, and suddenly changes its direction to form H1 that goes to the inferior part of the thalamus. The distribution of axonal islands is widespread in the lateral region of the thalamus. The innervation of the central region is done by collaterals. [WP,unvetted][Wikipedia:Medial_globus_pallidus].

has related synonym

globus pallidus inernal segment
entopeduncular nucleus
pallidus I
globus pallidus medial segment
pallidum II
medial globus pallidus (entopeduncular nucleus)
globus pallidus pars medialis
medial division of globus pallidus
principal medial geniculate nucleus
medial segment of the globus pallidus
globus pallidus medial part
globus pallidus, pars interna
pallidum dorsal region internal segment
pallidum I
globus pallidus, medial part
globus pallidus, internal segment
nucleus medialis globi pallidi