The middle free limb segment, between the autopod and stylopod segments. Includes as parts the zeugopodial skeleton. Examples: There are two types of zeugopod: forelimb zeugopod (aka forearm), hindlimb zeugopod (aka crus). [ PHENOSCAPE:curators ]

Synonyms: zeugopodial limb segment epipodium middle limb segment zeugopodium zygopod zygopodium zeugopod limb segment middle free limb segment

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uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim


There exists some controversy about which podial segments are present in some fishes, e.g. if the autopod is not newly evolved in tetrapods, there is a question as to which segments are actually present in basal vertebrate taxa.[PHENOSCAPE:curators]


has broad synonym

middle part of limb

has related synonym

middle segment of free limb