The filiform papillae are thin, long 'V'-shaped cones that don't contain taste buds but are the most numerous. These papillae are mechanical and not involved in gustation covering most of the dorsum (upper surface). They are small and arranged in lines parallel to the V-shaped row of circumvallate papillae, except at the tip of the tongue where they are aligned transversely. Projecting from their apices are numerous filamentous processes, or secondary papillae. These are of a whitish tint, owing to the thickness and density of the epithelium of which they are composed. This epithelium has undergone a peculiar modification as the cells have become cornified and elongated into dense, imbricated, brush-like processes. They contain also a number of elastic fibers, which render them firmer and more elastic than the papillae of mucous membrane generally. The larger and longer papillae of this group are sometimes termed papillae conicae. Fungiform papillae are found dispersed throughout the filiform papillae. [WP,unvetted]. [ ]

Synonyms: filiform papillae filiform papillae set filiform papilla of tongue

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