The postaxial bone of the proximal carpal region. Found in close approximation to the ulna, often in articulation[PHENOSCAPE:ad]. [ PHENOSCAPE:ad ]

Synonyms: os triquetrum cuneiform bone of hand triangular bone triquetral cuneiform bone of manus triquetral bone os ulnare

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latin term
os triquetrum [ FMA:23715 FMA:TA ]


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One of two element that constitute the basal row of carpals. It articulates with the ulna, radius, radiale, centrale (element Y), and carpal 5(4). This element originates from one condensation center or the fusion of two elements (ulnare and intermedium). Occasionally it may fuse to carpal 5(4), the radiale, or other elements.[AAO]

has related synonym

ulnar carpal bone



cuneiform of hand



terminology notes

this bone is termed the triquetral bone in some mammalian taxa, notably humans