A region of the lens consisting of packed elongated enucleate cells packed with crystallin [ http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6601-2165 ]

Synonyms: lens fibers lens fibers set lens fibres fibrae lentis

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latin term
fibrae lentis [ FMA:TA FMA:76827 ]

external definition

Fibres resembling a ribbon and arranged in very thin plates in the lens. [Dorian_AF, Elsevier's_encyclopaedic_dictionary_of_medicine, Part_B:_Anatomy_(1988)_Amsterdam_etc.:_Elsevier][VHOG]

has related synonym

lens fibre

set of lens fibers

homology notes

(...) the line, or Y, or star sutures common to mammalian lenses, including those of primates. In the case of line or Y sutures, the overlapping of lens fibers in each successive shell is coincident and results in the formation of four or six three-dimensional suture planes that extend from the lens nucleus to the periphery.[well established][VHOG]