A nucleus of brain that is part of a ventral tegmental area. [ OBOL:automatic ]

Synonyms: ventral tegmental nucleus (gudden) ventral raphe tegmental nucleus ventral tegmental nuclei ventral tegmental nucleus of Gudden deep tegmental nucleus of Gudden

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Term information



latin term
ganglion profundum tegmenti [ NeuroNames:518 ]

latin term
ganglion tegmenti ventrale [ NeuroNames:518 ]

latin term
nucleus tegmenti ventralis [ NeuroNames:518 ]

latin term
nucleus ventralis tegmenti [ NeuroNames:518 ]

latin term
nucleus ventralis tegmenti (Gudden) [ NeuroNames:518 ]

VTg [ NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource BIRNLEX:1421 ]

external ontology notes

ventral and anterior tegmental nucleus are synonyms in FMA, but we split these into seperate classes. This is consistent with MA, ABA and neuronames, which treat these as distinct (NN suggest the anterior is a rodent specific structure)

has related synonym

nucleus of Gudden

nucleus ventralis tegmenti (Gudden)

rostral tegmental nucleus

nucleus ventralis tegmenti

ganglion tegmenti ventrale

nucleus tegmenti ventralis

nucleus tegmentales anteriores

nucleus tegmentalis anterior

anterior tegmental nucleus

ganglion profundum tegmenti

anterior tegmental nuclei



location notes

this is part of pons and brainstem in MA, but this leads to an inconsistency with ABA. We err on the side of safety, and exclude the relationship to the pons here.