The triangular flat bone of the nasal septum. [ MP : 0000098 ]

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  • relationship loss: overlaps mesethmoid-vomer joint (TAO:0001680)[TAO]
  • relationship loss: overlaps autopalatine-vomer joint (TAO:0001784)[TAO]
  • The triangular flat bone of the nasal septum.
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  • The vomer is paired in some taxa (e.g., Amia) while unpaired in others (e.g., teleosts).[TAO]
external definition
  • Paired, palatal bones of intramembranous origin that lie ventral to the olfactory region and help to floor the nasal capsules.[AAO]
  • Dermal bone that underlies the mesethmoid and inserts in a fossa on the anteroventral surface of the parasphenoid.[TAO]
has exact synonym
  • vomer bone
homology notes
  • In bony fish, the vomers are flattened, paired, bones forming the anterior part of the roof of the mouth, just behind the premaxillary bones. In many species, they have teeth, supplementing those in the jaw proper; in some extinct species the teeth on the vomers were actually larger than the primary set. In amphibians and reptiles, the vomers become narrower, due to the presence of the enlarged choanae (the inner part of the nostrils) on either side, and they may extend further back in the jaw. They are typically small in birds, where they form the upper hind part of the beak, again being located between the choanae. In mammals, the vomers have become narrower still, and are fused into a single, vertically oriented bone. The development of the hard palate beneath the vomer means that the bone is now located in a nasal chamber, separate from the mouth[WP]
  • UBERON:0002396