Organ with organ cavity which connects the cavity of the middle ear to the cavity of the pharynx. Examples: There are only two pharyngotympanic tubes, the right and the left pharyngotympanic tubes.[FMA] [ ]

Synonyms: tuba auditiva auditory tube tuba auditoria pharyngo-tympanic tube internal auditory tube

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uberon_slim, pheno_slim, organ_slim

latin term
tuba auditiva; tuba auditoria; tuba auditivea [ ]

latin term
tuba auditoria [ FMA:TA FMA:9705 ]

latin term
tuba pharyngotympanica

latin term
tuba auditiva [ FMA:9705 FMA:TA ]

axiom lost from external ontology

relationship loss: part_of braincase and otic capsule skeleton (AAO:0000052)[AAO]

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editor note

we follow FMA in making this an organ, but include a separate class for the part that is epithelium, which is equivalent to the EHDAA2 structure. From this we infer the developmental relationship

external definition

Furrow on the ventral surface of the otic capsule, and occasionally also the parasphenoid, that houses the Eustachian tube.[AAO]
The narrow channel connecting the nasopharynx and the middle ear. [TFD][VHOG]

has related synonym

tuba pharyngotympanica
eustachian tube
tuba auditiva; tuba auditoria; tuba auditivea

homology notes

The tympanic cavity and auditory tube of an amniote develop from the first embryonic pharyngeal pouch, so they are homologous to the first gill pouch, or spiracle, of a fish. We are uncertain whether this homology strictly applies to the middle ear cavity and auditory tube of lissamphibians, which show certain peculiarities in their development.[uncertain][VHOG]