The middle limb segment of the pectoral free limb, between the autopod and stylopod segments. Includes as parts the forelimb zeugopodial skeleton, which includes as parts the radius and ulna, or their cartilage precursors, or evolutionary variants. [ PHENOSCAPE:curators ]

Synonyms: middle limb segment of proximal segment of free upper limb forelimb zeugopodium forelimb zygopod middle limb segment of forelimb lower arm zeugopod of brachial region lower segment of arm brachial region middle limb segment regio antebrachialis middle limb segment of brachial region arm middle limb segment arm zeugopod zeugopod of forelimb antebrachium middle limb segment of arm brachial region zeugopod zeugopod of arm intermediate segment of free upper limb antebrachial region forearm zeugopod of proximal segment of free upper limb antibrachium forelimb epipodium

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uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim

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The middle forelimb region. [Evolution, Fourth_Edition_(2006)_Boston_etc.:_McGraw-Hill, Function, Vertebrates:_Comparative_Anatomy, p.321, see_Kardong_KV][VHOG]

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wing zeugopod

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fore epipodium

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Most anatomists now agree that the three proximal bones of the tetrapod limbs are homologous to the two or three proximal elements of the paired fin skeleton of other sarcopterygians, that is the humerus-femur, radius-tibia, and ulna-fibula.[well established][VHOG]



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