The innermost layer of the leptomeninges, consisting of a delicate membrane closely covering the surface of the brain and spinal cord,and lying under the arachnoid membrane. The pia, unlike the arachnoid, extends into the sulci in gyrencephalic animals. [ ]

Synonyms: pia mater of neuraxis pial membrane

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consider adding adjacency relationship to neuraxis (brain+spinal cord); however note that at this time the meninges may be considered part of the nervous system

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delicate innermost layer of the meninges-the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. The thin, mesh-like pia mater closely envelops the entire surface of the brain, running down into the fissures of the cortex. It joins with the ependyma which lines the ventricles to form choroid plexuses that produce cerebrospinal fluid. In the spinal cord, the pia mater attaches to the dura mater by the denticular ligaments through the arachnoid membrane. The pia mater is a neural crest derivative[Wikipedia:Pia_mater].