Regional part of cerebellum consisting of the myelinated axons lying deep to the granule cell layer, excluding the deep cerebellar nuclei and the cerebellar peduncles. [ BIRNLEX:1562 ]

Synonyms: cerebellar white matter cerebellum white matter

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Term information


pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

plural term
cerebellar tracts/commissures [ ZFA:0001708 ]

latin term
substantia centralis medullaris cerebelli [ NeuroNames:691 ]

latin term
substantia medullaris cerebelli [ NeuroNames:691 ]

external definition

CNS white matter that is part of the cerebellum.[TAO]

external ontology notes

in NIF this is a composite structure; in MA and FMA it is explicitly part of cerebellum. This leads to consistency problems with strict parcellation schemes like ABA, see cerebellar peduncles. In NIF this is a composite structure, this is followed partially here in weakening the relationship to overlaps

has related synonym

cerebellar tracts/commissures

medullary substance of cerebellum

substantia centralis medullaris cerebelli

substantia medullaris cerebelli