Dorsal part of the midbrain, consisting of the superior and inferior colliculi and the pretectal nuclei (MM). [ ]

Synonyms: mesencephalic tectum tectum tectum mesencephali neuraxis tectum

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latin term
tectum mesencephalicum [ NeuroNames:465 ]

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tectum mesencephalicum
tectum of midbrain
t. mesencephali

homology notes

The tectum - a multisensory, topologically mapped structure in the roof of the midbrain presents a remarkable degree of conservation in all vertebrate radiations; although it varies in the extent of its development in different vertebrate classes, there is considerable evidence now to deem its layered structure, its cell types, and its hodological pattern as homologous in all vertebrates.[well established][VHOG]



taxon notes

In adult humans it is present only in the mesencephalon as the inferior and the superior colliculi