A cytoarchitectural term denoting the layer of the hippocampus in which pyramidal cells are predominant. Its location is superficial to the Stratum oriens; it is deep to the Stratum radiatum in area CA1 and area CA2 and deep to the Stratum lucidum in area CA3 (Stephan-75) (NeuroNames). [ ]

Synonyms: pyramidal cell layer of the hippocampus pyramidal layer of hippocampus stratum pyramidale hippocampi stratum pyramidale

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latin term
gyrus occipitalis inferior [ NeuroNames:156 ]

latin term
gyrus occipitalis tertius [ NeuroNames:156 ]

editor note

this layer changes in its depthwise spatial relation across its extent

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hippocampus pyramidal cell layer
hippocampal pyramidal layer
gyrus occipitalis tertius
hippocampus stratum pyramidale
hippocampal pyramidal cell layer
gyrus occipitalis inferior