Regional part of fornix consisting of a prominent white matter structure adjacent to the hippocampus on the ventricular side continuous with the alveus. Near the splenium the fimbria separates from the hippocampus as the crus of the fornix. [adapted from Wikipedia] (MM: 2006-10-26). [ BIRNLEX:1502 ]

Synonyms: hippocampal fimbria fimbria of the fornix fimbria-fornix neuraxis fimbria fimbria hippocampus fimbria of hippocampus

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latin term
fimbria hippocampi [ NeuroNames:187 ]

latin term
fimbria fornicis [ NeuroNames:187 ]

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has related synonym

fimbria of fornix

fimbria of the hippocampus

fimbria fornicis

fimbria hippocampi

fimbria (Vieussens)