A composite substructure of the brainstem that consists of the midbrain reticular formation, the pontine reticular formation and the medullary reticular formation ( Carpenter-1983 ). [ NeuroNames:1223 ]

Synonyms: reticular formation (classical) brain stem reticular formation reticular formation of the brainstem brainstem reticular formation

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curator notes

this class denotes the generic structure, and not a specific one such as medullary or pontine reticular formation.

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external ontology notes

FMA has a spinal cord reticular formation but we follow NNs (classical) to restrict this to brainstem structures. This means we also include the MA class for brainstem reticular formation here. FMA has subtypes of reticular formation but we treat this as a composite structure



taxon notes

It is essential for governing some of the basic functions of higher organisms, and is one of the phylogenetically oldest portions of the brain.