The ventral roots contain efferent motor axons. Similar to the dorsal roots, the ventral roots continue out from the spinal column, and meet and mix with their corresponding dorsal nerve root at a point after the ganglion. [ ]

Synonyms: ventral spinal root anterior spinal root

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The efferent motor root of a spinal nerve. At its distal end, the ventral root joins with the dorsal root to form a mixed spinal nerve[Wikipedia:Anterior_root_of_spinal_nerve].

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FMA:77516 xref is a 'general anatomical term'. We xref both to ensure equivalence.

has broad synonym

ventral root

has related synonym

root ventralis nervi spinalis

ventral spinal nerve root

root motoria nervi spinalis

radix motoria (nervus spinalis)

ventral root of spinal nerve

motor spinal root

ventral roots

anterior root of spinal nerve

spinal nerve ventral root

anterior root

radix anterior (nervus spinalis)

anterior nerve root

radix anterior nervi spinalis

motor root of spinal nerve



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