macula of utricle of membranous labyrinth

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the neuroepithelial sensory receptor in the inferolateral wall of the utricle; hair cells of the neuroepithelium support the statoconial membrane and have terminal arborizations of vestibular nerve fibers around their bodies; normally sensitive to linear acceleration in the longitudinal axis of the body and to gravitational influences [ MP:0004333 ]

Synonyms: macula utriculi macula of utricle utricle of membranous labyrinth macula utriculus (labyrinthus vestibularis) macula membranous labyrinth utricle macula utricle macula macula of membranous labyrinth utricle macula of utriculus (labyrinthus vestibularis) macula utricle

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uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

plural term
maculae utricle [ ZFA:0000030 ]

latin term
macula utriculi [ FMA:TA FMA:74960 ]

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has related synonym

macula utriculi

maculae utricle

utricular macula