The narrow cleft along the medial wall of the lateral ventricle along the margins of which the choroid plexus is attached; it lies between the upper surface of the thalamus and lateral edge of the fornix in the central part of the ventricle and between the terminal stria and fimbria hippocampi in the inferior horn[ZFA]. [ ]

Synonyms: lateral ventricle choroid fissure choroidal fissure of lateral ventricle ventricular system choroid fissure

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choroidal fissures [ ZFA:0001075 ]

curator notes

not to be confused with optic fissure. the choroidal fissure is a subarachnoid space (via subarachnoid fissure in FMA)

editor note

relate to lateral ventricle?

external ontology notes

Most ontologies appear to have switched to using less confusing primary terms for optic and choroidal fissues. Still need to check FMA - two possible terms? CARO - is this a groove or a space or a line?

has related synonym

choroidal fissure
chorioid fissure
choroid fissure
chorioidal fissure
choroidal fissures
choroid invagination



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