Part of the hippocampal formation that is bounded by the entorhinal cortex and area CA1. It is characterized on the CA1 border by an abrupt widening of the pyramidal cell layer. A molecular layer is present that is continuous with that of CA1, although the stratum radiatum is no longer present. The stratum oriens is also not present. adapted from Paxinos, G. The rat central nervous system, 2nd ed, Academic Press, San Diego, 1995, pg. 468) [ BIRNLEX:1305 ]

Synonyms: subiculum hippocampi subicular cortex

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external ontology notes

in DHBA subicular cortex is divided into subiculum, prosubiculum and supracallosal subiculum

In ABA SUB is part of the retrohippocampal region, along with the entorhinal area. this is in the hippocampal formation but not the hippocampal region

function notes

The pyramidal neurons in the subiculum exhibit transitions between two modes of action potential output: bursting and single spiking. The transitions between these two modes is thought to be important for routing information out of the hippocampus. It is the site responsible for ictal activity in some cases of human epilepsy. It has also been implicated in working memory and drug addiction.[Wikipedia:Subiculum]

has related synonym

subiculum cornu ammonis

gyrus parahippocampalis