Regional part of medullary white matter (according to Neuronames) primarily found at the level of the pons, consisting of a very large bundle of fibers originating in the pontine nuclei projecting to the cerebellum (MM). [ BIRNLEX:1529 ]

Synonyms: brachium pontis

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latin term
pedunculus cerebellaris medialis [ NeuroNames:620 ]

latin term
crus cerebelli ad pontem [ NeuroNames:620 ]

latin term
pedunculus cerebellaris pontinus [ NeuroNames:620 ]

latin term
crus ponto-cerebellare [ NeuroNames:620 ]

depicted by

has related synonym

pedunculus cerebellaris medius

brachium pontis (stem of middle cerebellar peduncle)

pedunculus cerebellaris medialis

mid-cerebellar peduncle

crus cerebelli ad pontem

crus ponto-cerebellare

pedunculus cerebellaris pontinus