The locus ceruleus is a dense cluster of neurons within the dorsorostral pons. This nucleus is the major location of neurons that release norepinephrine throughout the brain, and is responsible for physiological responses to stress and panic[GO]. Bluish region in the superior angle of the fourth ventricle floor, corresponding to melanin-like pigmented nerve cells which lie lateral to the ponto-mesencephalic central gray (griseum centrale). It is also known as nucleus pigmentosus pontis[GAID]. [ GAID:577 ]

Synonyms: blue nucleus locus caeruleus locus coeruleu caerulean nucleus nucleus pigmentosus pontis nucleus caeruleus locus coeruleus nucleus of locus caeruleus substantia ferruginea

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plural term
loci coeruleus [ ZFA:0000539 ]

latin term
nucleus loci caerulei [ NeuroNames:583 ]

latin term
nucleus caeruleus [ FMA:72478 FMA:TA ]

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TODO - check ZFA/pons. also GO says part of dorsorostral pons

has related synonym

locus cinereus

locus coeruleus (Vicq d'Azyr)

loci coeruleus

nucleus loci caerulei