Cholinergic cell group that is located ventral to the brachium of the inferior colliculus (in rat) and has reciprocal connectivity with the superior colliculus (Adapted from Paxinos, The rat central nervous system, 2nd ed, 1995, pg 865 [ BIRNLEX:1007 ]

Synonyms: nucleus parabigeminalis

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Term information

latin term
corpus parabigeminum [ NeuroNames:482 ]

external ontology notes

in MA this is part of the tegmentum/brainstem

has related synonym

parageminal nucleus

nucleus isthmi

corpus parabigeminum

parabigeminal nucleus (Bechterew)

homology notes

Nucleus isthmi is present in the isthmus in most vertebrates. It is called the parabigeminal nucleus in mammals (reference 1); In sum, our results show that the origin of neurons of some tegmental hindbrain nuclei, namely, nucleus isthmi/superior reticular nucleus and secondary gustatory/viscerosensory nucleus is in the URL (upper rhombic lip), and that the temporal order of cell types produced by the URL and their developmental program are conserved among vertebrate species (reference 2).[well established][VHOG]



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