the largest and most lateral of the deep cerebellum nuclei; it receives axons of Purkinje cells in the lateral cerebellar hemisphere (neocerebellum) and receives its afferents from the premotor cortex and the supplementary motor cortex through the pontocerebellar system, and its efferents project through the superior cerebellar peduncle and is a major source of its fibers [ MP:0009980 ]

Synonyms: dentate cerebellar nucleus lateral nucleus of cerebellum lateral cerebellar nucleus

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latin term
nucleus lateralis cerebelli [ NeuroNames:683 ]

latin term
nucleus dentatus cerebelli [ NeuroNames:683 ]

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nucleus dentatus cerebelli

dentatothalamocortical fibers

dentate nucleus (Vicq d'Azyr)

nucleus dentatus

dentate nucleus

nucleus lateralis cerebelli

homology notes

One or more deep cerebellar nuclei appear in agnathans, sharks, ropefishes, lungfishes, Latimeria, and amphibians. Reptiles have two nuclei (a medial and a lateral), and birds and mammals have three nuclei (a medial, a lateral, and an interposed nucleus). The medial nucleus of mammals is known as the fastigial nucleus, and the lateral nucleus is known as the dentate nucleus.[well established][VHOG]