The superficial gray matter of the cerebellum. It consists of three main layers, the molecular layer, the Purkinje cell layer and the granule cell layer. [ ]

Synonyms: cortex of cerebellar hemisphere

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cortex cerebelli [ NeuroNames:647 ]


The circuits in the cerebellar cortex look similar across all classes of vertebrates, including fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals (e.g., Fig. 2). This has been taken as evidence that the cerebellum performs functions important to all vertebrate species. (Wikipedia)

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The cerebellar cortex is a thin mantle of gray matter that covers the surface of each cerebral hemisphere. It has a characteristic morphology with convolutions (gyri) and crevices (sulci) that have specific functions. Six layers of nerve cells and the nerve pathways that connect them comprise the cerebellar cortex. Together, these regions are responsible for the processes of conscious thought, perception, emotion and memory as well as advanced motor function[GO][GO:0021695].

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cortex cerebelli

cortex cerebellaris