A lobule that is part of a thymus. Divided into an outer cortex and inner medulla and separated from each other by connective tissue septa, but with the medullary tissue continuous from lobule to lobule.[ncit,modified]. [ http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6601-2165 ncithesaurus:Thymic_Lobule ]

Synonyms: thymic lobule thymus lobule lobule of thymus

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structure notes

Lymphocytes, reticular cells and macrophages are found in the lobules

taxon notes

in the mouse, the lobes of the thymus are not subdivided into lobules but only in the central medulla and a peripheral cortex (i.e. there is no distinct sublobulation). In humans, the two thymus lobes are composed of many lobules of various sizes which contain follicles, each comprising a medulla and a cortex. in the rat, the thymus is partially subdivided into lobules separated by thin bands of connective tissue which are continuous with the thin connective tissue capsule.[MP]