A (free) limb that is connected to a pectoral girdle. The extent of this structure includes autopod, stylopod and zeugopod regions when present, but excludes the pectoral girdle and its parts. [ ]

Synonyms: free upper limb anteriormost limb superior member membrum superius upper limb fore limb forelimb upper extremity free part of upper limb pectoral limb

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Term information

database cross reference

uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim

taxonomic disambiguation
pectoral flipper

latin term
membrum superius [ FMA:TA FMA:7183 ]

curator notes

Note distinction between arm and forelimb. hand is part of forelimb, but not part of arm

external definition

Upper limb, which connects the manus with the pectoral girdle.[AAO]

external ontology notes

note that this corresponds to FMA:'free upper limb' (a limb segment), NOT FMA:'upper limb'. Both MA and FMA consider shoulder (and shoulder bones) part of upper limb

has narrow synonym

pectoral flipper