Anatomical organ component composed of a double layer of serous membrane that suspends a viscus from the body wall or connects adjacent viscera and in doing so conveys blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves to and from the viscera. Examples: greater omentum, broad ligament of uterus, sigmoid mesocolon. [ FMA:7144 ]

Synonyms: generic mesentery mesentery (generic)

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in Uberon, this term is used in the generic sense, not necessarily restricted to the peritoneum, consistent with FMA. WP: 'In anatomy, the mesentery is the double layer of peritoneum that suspends the jejunum and ileum from the posterior wall of the abdomen. Its meaning, however, is frequently extended to include double layers of peritoneum connecting various components of the abdominal cavity.'. TODO - check. Consider FMA:259286 - Region of mesentery.