A cardiac ventricle that is in the left side of the heart. [ http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6601-2165 ]

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  • A cardiac ventricle that is in the left side of the heart.
depicted by
  • http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/20/Diagram_of_the_human_heart_%28cropped%29.svg
external definition
  • Thick-walled muscular chamber constituting the left border and apex of the heart. It receives oxygenated blood from the left atrium through the mitral orifice and send it off into the aorta. [Dorian_AF, Elsevier's_encyclopaedic_dictionary_of_medicine, Part_B:_Anatomy_(1988)_Amsterdam_etc.:_Elsevier][VHOG]
has exact synonym
  • left cardiac ventricle
  • left ventricle of heart
  • left ventricle
  • cardiac left ventricle
has related synonym
  • ventriculus sinister cordis
homology notes
  • The vertebrate heart initially forms as a tube from a population of precursor cells termed the first heart field (FHF). Cells from the adjacent second heart field (SHF) are then progressively added to the developing heart. In avian and mammalian hearts, the FHF contributes mainly to the left ventricle, whereas the SHF gives rise to the outflow tract and large portions of the right ventricle and atria. Both fields arise from common mesodermal progenitors, although the detailed lineage relationships between FHF and SHF remain uncertain.[well established][VHOG]
  • UBERON:0002084
implements design pattern
  • https://github.com/obophenotype/uberon/wiki/Modeling-paired-structures-Design-Pattern
present in taxon
  • http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/NCBITaxon_9606
taxon notes
  • In mammals continuous with aorta