One of the dorsal column nuclei, the cuneate nucleus is a wedge-shaped nucleus in the closed part of the medulla oblongata. It contains cells that give rise to the cuneate tubercle, visible on the posterior aspect of the medulla. It lies laterally to the gracile nucleus and medial to the spinal trigeminal nucleus in the medulla. [WP,unvetted]. [ ]

Synonyms: burdachs nucleus cuneate Burdach's nucleus

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latin term
nucleus restiformis [ NeuroNames:767 ]

Cu [ NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource BIRNLEX:2640 ]

latin term
nucleus cuneatus medialis [ NeuroNames:767 ]

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nucleus cuneatus

cuneate nucleus of the medulla

nucleus cuneatus medialis

nucleus restiformis

cuneate nucleus (Burdach)



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