Predominantly gray matter midbrain structure lying dorsal to the crus cerebri and ventral to the midbrain tegmentum. It is divided into a dorsal, cellularly compact region known as the pars compacta and a more ventrally located, containing more loosely packed cells, the pars reticulata. The most lateral region of the reticulata is identified as the pars lateralis (MM). [ BIRNLEX:789 ]

Synonyms: Soemmering's substance nucleus of basis pedunculi

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SN [ BIRNLEX:789 NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource ]

latin term
substantia nigra (Soemmerringi) [ NeuroNames:536 ]

latin term
nucleus pigmentosus subthalamo-peduncularis [ NeuroNames:536 ]

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editor note

TODO - In BTO and NIF, part of basal ganglion which is part of telencephalon - but this is inconsistent with being part of midbrain, if these are spatially disjoint, as in ABA

external definition

Subdivision of the midbrain anterior to the midbrain tegmentum which contains darkly pigmented neurons[FMA][FMA:67947].

has related synonym

substantia nigra (Soemmerringi)

nucleus pigmentosus subthalamo-peduncularis

substancia nigra

homology notes

(...) the substantia nigra first appears in reptiles and is best developed in primates.[well established][VHOG]