Gray matter of the insular region of the neocortex. In gyrencephalic animals, it is part of the insular lobe and lies in the depths of the lateral fissure and covered by portions of the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes. It includes Brodmann areas 13-16. [ BIRNLEX:1117 ]

Synonyms: central lobe insular region cortex of island lobus insularis island of Reil insula lobule insular lobe

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latin term
insula Reilii [ NeuroNames:111 ]

latin term
cortex insularis [ NeuroNames:111 ]

latin term
lobus insularis [ FMA:TA FMA:67329 ]

latin term
insula cerebri [ NeuroNames:111 ]

iNS [ FMA:CMA FMA:67329 ]

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editor note

Consider splitting insular cortex from insular lobe. See

external ontology notes

two classes in ncit, Central_Lobe is part of temporal lobe

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has narrow synonym

insular cortex

has related synonym

insular gyrus

morphological insula

insulary cortex

insula of Reil

cortex insularis

insula Reilii

insula cerebri