The upper layer of the dermis beneath the epidermis, composed of dense irregular connective tissue[ncit,modified]. [ ncithesaurus:Papillary_Dermis ]

Synonyms: papillary layer stratum papillare corii stratum papillare superficial dermis dermis papillary layer stratum papillare dermis papillary layer of dermis stratum papillare (dermis) papillary dermis corpus papillary

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latin term
stratum papillare dermis [ FMA:TA FMA:64776 ]

latin term
stratum papillare (dermis) [ FMA:TA FMA:64776 ]

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external definition

Dense irregular connective tissue of the skin that consists of fibroblasts, various connective tissue cell types, and collagen, predominantly type III.

has related synonym

stratum papillare

dermal papillary layer