A submucosa that is part of a esophagus [Automatically generated definition]. [ OBOL:automatic ]

Synonyms: gullet submucosa submucosa of gullet submucosa of esophagus tela submucosa of esophagus tela submucosa esophagi esophageal submucosa tela submucosa oesophageae esophagus submucosa oesophagus submucosa submucosa of oesophagus tela submucosa (oesophagus)

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Term information

latin term
tela submucosa oesophageae [ FMA:62997 FMA:TA ]

latin term
tela submucosa (oesophagus) [ FMA:TA FMA:62997 ]

has related synonym

submucous layer of esophagus

tela submucosa oesophagi