Regional part of substantia nigra consisting of a densely packed region of cells, more or less dorsal to the pars reticulata, but extending into the pars reticulata in some species. The dominant neurotransmitter used by pars compacta neurons is dopamine. Pars compacta neurons are pigmented in many species (MM). [ ]

Synonyms: substantia nigra compacta substantia nigra compact part pars compacta substantiae nigrae substantia nigra, compact part SNpc pars compacta compact part of substantia nigra

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latin term
pars compacta substantiae nigrae [ FMA:TA FMA:62907 ]

latin term
substantia nigra, pars compacta [ NeuroNames:537 ]

latin term
nucleus substantiae nigrae, pars compacta [ NeuroNames:537 ]

SNC [ BIRNLEX:990 NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource ]

has related synonym

pars compacta of substantia nigra
substantia nigra, compact division
nucleus substantiae nigrae, pars compacta
substantia nigra, pars compacta