the parenchymatous tissue of the spleen that surrounds splenic blood vessels, consists of compact masses of lymphatic cells and is where foreign material removed from the blood is used to initiate an immune reaction that results in the production of antibodies [ MP:0002357 ]

Synonyms: white pulp pulpa alba splenic white pulp spleen white pulp

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latin term
noduli lymphoidei splenici [ ]

latin term
pulpa alba [ FMA:TA FMA:62805 ]

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The white pulp contains T cells, B cells and accessory cells. The function of the white pulp is to mount an immunological response to antigens within the blood. The white pulp is present in the form of a periarteriolar lymphoid sheath. This sheath contains B cell follicles and T cells. At the edge of the T zone is a region known as the marginal zone where larger lymphocytes and antigen presenting dendritic cells are located. [Wikipedia:White_pulp]

has related synonym

noduli lymphoidei splenici