Ventral part of the midbrain, separated from the hindbrain by the isthmus[ISBN:0471888893]. Subdivision of the midbrain lying anterior to the tectum and posterior to the substantia nigra and cerebral peduncle[FMA] The part of the midbrain extending from the substantia nigra to the cerebral aqueduct in a horizontal section of the midbrain. It forms the floor of the midbrain that surrounds the cerebral aqueduct[WP]. [ ]

Synonyms: tegmentum of midbrain tegmentum mesencephali

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latin term
tegmentum mesencephalicum [ NeuroNames:491 ]

MTg [ NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource BIRNLEX:1200 ]


'tegmentum' is used generically for the ventral part of the brainstem (ISBN:0471888893). We use the label 'midbrain tegmentum' to denote the midbrain structure. In NIFSTD tegmentum is a composite structure and there is a separate class for midbrain tegmentum and pontine tegmentum

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tegmentum mesencephalicum
mesencephalic tegmentum

homology notes

Together, our results reveal a shared basic organization in the tegmental domains of the diencephalon and midbrain of developing lamprey, indicating early appearance of the domain in vertebrate phylogeny.[well established][VHOG]