paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus

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Nucleus in the anterior part of the hypothalamus. (MSH) * one of the magnocellular hypothalamic nuclei, an elongated plate of large, deeply staining cells located close to the third ventricle in the anterior hypothalamic area; major source of oxytocin and to a lesser extent, of antidiuretic hormone, neurohormones, which are carried to the neurohypophysis along the paraventriculohypophysial tract. (CSP) [ ]

Synonyms: filiform nucleus paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus paraventricular nucleus

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latin term
nucleus filiformis [ NeuroNames:387 ]

latin term
nucleus hypothalami filiformis [ NeuroNames:387 ]

latin term
nuclei paraventriculares [ NeuroNames:387 ]

latin term
nucleus hypothalami paraventricularis [ NeuroNames:387 ]

Pa [ BIRNLEX:1407 NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource ]

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nucleus hypothalami filiformis
paraventricular nucleus hypothalamus (Malone)
parvocellular hypothalamic nucleus
subcommissural nucleus (Ziehen)
nucleus filiformis
nuclei paraventricularis hypothalami
nucleus paraventricularis hypothalami
nuclei paraventriculares
nucleus hypothalami paraventricularis
paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus