Area of the forebrain between the anterior commissure and optic chiasm. [ ]

Synonyms: preoptic region of hypothalamus preoptic nuclei

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uberon_slim, efo_slim, vertebrate_core

POA [ BIRNLEX:1706 NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource ]

latin term
nuclei preoptici [ NeuroNames:377 ]

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external definition

Area of the forebrain anterior to the posterior tuberculum and the hypothalamus and ventral to the ventral thalamus. See Figure 7, Atlas of Early Zebrafish Brain Development.[TAO]

has related synonym

area preoptica

area hypothalamica rostralis

preoptic hypothalamic region

area praeoptica

regio hypothalamica anterior

nuclei preoptici

preoptic hypothalamic area

preoptic region



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taxon notes

Located in the hypothalamus in amniotes[PMC4038951]