The nucleus paraventricularis anterior thalami and nuclues paraventricularis posterior thalami, two of the nuclei mediani thalami; they are situated on the dorsomedial wall of the thalamus, juxtaposed to the third ventricle. [ Dorlands_Medical_Dictionary:MerckSource ]

Synonyms: paraventricular nuclei of thalamus paraventricular gray paraventricular thalamic nucleus nuclei paraventriculares thalami

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latin term
nucleus paramedianus (Hassler) [ NeuroNames:308 ]

PV [ NIFSTD:NeuroNames_abbrevSource BIRNLEX:764 ]

latin term
nuclei paraventriculares thalami [ FMA:TA FMA:62152 ]

plural term
paraventricular nuclei

latin term
nucleus paraventricularis thalami [ NeuroNames:308 ]

plural term
paraventricular nuclei of thalamus

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nucleus paraventricularis thalami

paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus

nucleus paramedianus (Hassler)

paraventricular nuclei