The thalamic reticular nucleus is part of the ventral thalamus that forms a capsule around the thalamus laterally. It is separated from the thalamus by the external medullary lamina. Reticular cells are GABAergic, and have discoid dendritic arbors in the plane of the nucleus. Thalamic Reticular Nucleus is variously abbreviated TRN, RTN, NRT, and RT. [WP,unvetted]. [ ]

Synonyms: reticular nucleus of the thalamus reticular nucleus-2 reticular nucleus of thalamus nucleus reticularis thalami reticular nuclear group reticular thalamic nucleus

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latin term
nuclei reticulares (thalami) [ NeuroNames:365 ]

latin term
reticulatum thalami (Hassler) [ NeuroNames:365 ]

latin term
nucleus reticulatus (thalami) [ NeuroNames:365 ]

latin term
nucleus reticularis thalami [ FMA:62026 FMA:TA ]

latin term
nucleus thalamicus reticularis [ NeuroNames:365 ]

latin term
nucleus reticularis [ NeuroNames:365 ]

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external ontology notes

only MA considers this part of a subthalamus; MA also considers a subthalamus part of a thalamus

has related synonym

reticulatum thalami (Hassler)

nucleus thalamicus reticularis

nuclei reticulares (thalami)

reticular nucleus thalamus (Arnold)

nucleus reticulatus (thalami)

nucleus reticularis

nucleus reticularis thalami