White matter tract that contains projections from the olfactory bulb to the olfactory cortex (Maryann Martone). [ BIRNLEX:1559 ]

Synonyms: tractus olfactorius lateralis

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Term information


uberon_slim, vertebrate_core

latin term
tractus olfactorius lateralis [ NeuroNames:284 ]

latin term
stria olfactoria lateralis [ NeuroNames:284 ]

latin term
tractus olfactorius lateralis [ ZFA:0000229 ]

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has related synonym


stria olfactoria lateralis

lateral olfactory tract. body

olfactory tract

lateral olfactory stria

lateral olfactory tract, body

lateral olfactory tract

tractus olfactorius lateralis



taxon notes

In mammals the fibers of the dorsal lateral olfactory tract either pass under the accessory olfactory formation, or they penetrate through it separating the internal granule cells from the output cells.