Part of the hippocampal formation forming a 'V' or 'U' shaped structure with the opening bounded by hippocampal area CA3. It consists of 3 layers from superficial to deep: molecular, granule cell and polymorphic or hilar layer. [ ]

Synonyms: dentate area (dentate gyrus) dentate gyrus area dentata

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BTO says dentate gyrus = fascia dentata + hilus. Note that GO classifies dentate gyrus development under hippocampus development

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The dentate gyrus is one of two interlocking gyri of the hippocampus. It contains granule cells, which project to the pyramidal cells and interneurons of the CA3 region of the ammon gyrus[GO][GO:0021542].

has narrow synonym

fascia dentata

has related synonym

hippocampal dentate gyrus
gyrus dentatus
dentate area