Cells lying generally in front of Regional_part_of_septal_nuclei, lying ventral to and slightly medial to the lateral septal nucleus. Neurons in this nucleus give rise to the bulk of efferents from the septal nuclei. A major projection from the medial septal nucleus terminates in the hippocampal formation (Adapted from Brodal, 1981). [ https://github.com/obophenotype/uberon/issues/1356 BIRNLEX:1668 ]

Synonyms: medial parolfactory nucleus

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Term information

latin term
nucleus medialis septi [ NeuroNames:262 ]

latin term
n. septi medialis [ NeuroNames:262 ]

external definition

The medial septal nucleus is one of the septal nuclei. It plays a role in the generation of theta waves[Wikipedia:Medial_septal_nucleus].

A nucleus in the septal area, coextensive with the diagonal band of Broca; it has afferent and cholinergic efferent connections with a variety of forebrain and brain stem areas including the hippocampus, the lateral hypothalamus, the tegmentum, and the amygdaloid bodies.

has narrow synonym

medial septum

has related synonym

nucleus medialis septi

nucleus septalis medialis

medial septal nucleus (Cajal)

n. septi medialis

medial septum nucleus



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