Subcortical brain region lying anterior to the hippocampal formation in the temporal lobe and anterior to the temporal horn of the lateral ventricle in some species. It is usually subdivided into several groups. Functionally, it is not considered a unitary structure (MM). [ BIRNLEX:1241 ]

Synonyms: amygdaloid body archistriatum amygdaloid nuclear groups amygdaloid complex amygdaloid nuclear complex

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uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim

latin term
corpus amygdalae [ NeuroNames:237 ]

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external definition

Subdivision of basal ganglion of telencephalon which is an almond-shaped gray mass in the dorsomedial part of the temporal lobe[FMA:61841]

external ontology notes

MA and FMA differ on relationship to basal ganglion. The FMA text def suggests a subdivision, but it is classified as a subtype

has related synonym

amygdaloid area

amygdaloid nuclear group

amygdaloid nucleus

nucleus amygdalae

corpus amygdalae

corpus amygdaloideum

homology notes

One part of the striatum is called the archistriatum. (...) The archistriatum of fishes consists of several indistinctly segregated nuclei called the amygdaloid (...) complex. Tetrapods retain the structure, and in mammals the corresponding amygdala is a globular mass that tends to be ventral to the other basal nuclei.[well established][VHOG]