Subcortical nucleus, functionally part of the basal ganglia, which consists of two segments the external (or lateral) and internal (or medial) separated by the medial medullary lamina in primates. In rodents, The globus pallidus lateral is separated from the medial segment by the fibers of the internal capsule/cerebral peduncle. [ BIRNLEX:1234 ]

Synonyms: paleostriatum pale body

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latin term
nucleus pallidus [ NeuroNames:231 ]


BTO and MA are inconsistent w.r.t striatum and pallidum being non-overlapping as in ABA. Note that we have pallidum as part_of basal gangion, so we can make the direct link to basal ganglion. ISBN:1588900649 says: ... a derivative of the diencephalon, seperates as a result of growing fibers of theinternal capsule and is finally displaced into telencephalon. only a small medial remnannt remains, the entopeduncular nucleus. The globus pallidus should be regarded as part of the subthalamus

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Nucleus of brain which is located medially to the putamen and laterally to the internal capsule[FMA][FMA:61835].

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nucleus pallidus

globus pallidus (Burdach)