Subcortical nucleus of telencephalic , which together with the caudate nucleus, forms the striatum. The putamen lies lateral to the internal capsule and medial to the external medullary lamina, and is separated from the caudate nucleus by the fibers of the internal capsule for most of its length, except at its anterior portion. [ BIRNLEX:809 ]

Synonyms: nucleus putamen

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check - rodents. The caudate nucleus and putamen are separated by a clear white matter bundle in most species but not in rodents (MM)

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Nucleus of brain which lies ventral to the caudate nucleus and internal capsule and medial to the external capsule. The putamen and caudate nucleus together form the dorsal striatum. It is also one of the structures that comprises the basal ganglia. Through various pathways, the putamen is connected to the substantia nigra and globus pallidus. The main function of the putamen is to regulate movements and influence various types of learning. It employs dopamine to perform its functions. The putamen also plays a role in degenerative neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's disease[Wikipedia:Putamen].

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All nuclei of the mammalian basal ganglia are also present in the oldest vertebrates.[well established][VHOG]