One of two bilateral, largely symmetrical organ subdivisions within the telencephalon which contain the cerebral cortex and cerebral white matter.[FMA] [ FMA:61817 ]

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latin term
nucleus amygdaloideus medialis [ NeuroNames:241 ]

latin term
nucleus medialis amygdalae [ NeuroNames:241 ]

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external definition

Part of the telencephalon consisting of either of the two smooth, elongated halves of the cerebrum.[AAO]

has related synonym

nucleus amygdaloideus medialis

nucleus medialis amygdalae


medial amygdalar nucleus

hemispherium cerebri


hemispheric regions

homology notes

The presence of paired evaginated hemispheres and olfactory bulbs in both agnathan and gnathostome radiations suggests that such hemispheres were also present in the common ancestor.[well established][VHOG]