the smaller of the two otolith organs in the vestibule [ MP:0006089 ]

Synonyms: membranous labyrinth saccule saccule sacculus (labyrinthus vestibularis) sacculus

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uberon_slim, pheno_slim, vertebrate_core, organ_slim


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The most ventral chamber of the membranous labyrinth. [Bemis_WE, Functional_Anatomy_of_the_Vertebrates:_An_Evolutionary_Perspective, Glossary_G-25, Grande_L, Liem_KF, Third_Edition_(2001)_Orlando_Fla.:_Harcourt_College_Publishers, Walker_WF][VHOG]

homology notes

In gnathostomes, each membranous labyrinth has three semicircular ducts that connect with a chamber known as the utriculus. (...) In all gnathostomes, the utriculus connects ventrally with a larger sac, called the sacculus (...) .[well established][VHOG]