Organ with organ cavity which consists of the vestibular labyrinth and the cochlear labyrinth. The membranous labyrinth is lodged within the bony labyrinth and has the same general form; it is, however, considerably smaller and is partly separated from the bony walls by a quantity of fluid, the perilymph.[FMA, WP] [ FMA:61022 ]

Synonyms: labyrinthus membranaceus

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A system of communicating epithelial sacs and ducts within the bony labyrinth, containing the endolymph. [TFD][VHOG]

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inner ear has parts membranous and osseuous/bony labyrinth. it's not clear where the EMAPA term 'labyrinth' belong, we place them here for now

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The labyrinth, or inner ear, evolved very early in vertebrate history and, with many variations in configuration but none of basic design and function, has been retained by all vertebrates.[well established][VHOG]